Robert Lapoujade, painter, filmaker,  and writer

Welcome to the official website of Robert Lapoujade (1921-1993), dedicated to the presentation of the various dimensions of his work, that of the painter, but also that of the filmmaker, and finally that of the writer and the committed artist. This site wishes to discover or rediscover this multipurpose artist. The paintings and works on paper have been chosen from among the most representative (crowds, wars, portraits, eroticism).


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We invite anyone who wishes to provide additional information or send reproductions for a catalog raisonné to write to the Robert Lapoujade Association (Association Robert Lapoujade ). The overview of his filmography completes this presentation. His writings, his interviews as well as testimonies, critical texts from different periods shed light on his approaches and help to understand the originality and richness of his work. We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the creation of this site.
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